“The Best Part of Memories is Making Them”


...or is it looking back at them? When you look at photos from a past celebration, what feelings come up? Joy! Pride. Gratitude. Love.

And when the photos are of the best quality and presented in a beautiful scrapbook or memory book with sentiments and signatures, the event is fully documented for years to come.

Along with the wonderful feelings though, documenting your life is important. Photographs tell stories. They provide historical timelines for future generations from which they can learn about their heritage, culture, and family members they've never met.

For example, when my mother-in-law passed away many years ago, we inherited a packing box full of old photos and a scrapbook of her as a child, her family celebrating events together and personal documents. A treasure trove for sure and we are extremely grateful we have it. Unfortunately, there wasn't much in the way of identification of the people in the pictures, and the quality of the scrapbook... well, the photos pretty much all fell out when the book was opened. We are STILL working on getting those in a book so we can get to know more about her and the rest of my husband's family.

I know we all have this box (or two) somewhere in our lives. Or we have hundreds of photos in our smartphones. So let's take the time to do something with them while we are able and we remember the who, why and where. There are a lot of great apps that will do it right from your phone and even Facebook is now offering to publish and bind our online memories. As far as time to do it? Maybe take a break from video and phone games, turn off Twitter for an hour a week, relax with a glass of wine or sweet tea or hot cocoa and get those “memories” into a book that you can take out from time to time and relive that Joy! Pride. Gratitude. Love.